People enhancement

Retention and enhancement of Group's people

The continuous valorisation, growth and satisfaction of people are the fundamental objectives for Intesa Sanpaolo which, in line with the 2022-2025 Business Plan, presents itself as an "Employer of choice" for its ability to attract, motivate and retain the best resources and which, for the third consecutive year, was recognized as Top Employer 2024 by the Top Employers Institute.



Consistent with the main trends that see the work-life balance and welfare systems as pillars of work choices and work orientations, employer branding has focused on contents that enhance the Group's commitment to its people, including new flexible working methods and new work spaces, as well as on innovation issues.

As part of the collaboration with universities, in 2023, Job Shadowing, Women Mentoring and in-company training initiatives which differ from traditional activities and increase brand recognition and engagement among students were added to the hundreds of digital and in-person events including career days, workshops, training seminars and company presentations.

The strengthening of collaborations and contaminations with technological and or gender-oriented communities has led to multiple joint initiatives and the inauguration of a Technological Center in Naples, which will aim to intercept the talents from Southern Italy and consolidate its  innovative ecosystem.


With this hashtag to emphasize the Group's values, Intesa Sanpaolo shared employer branding activities and promoted open positions on social channels. The activity earned the Best Talent Acquisition Team award as part of LinkedIn's 2023 Talent Awards.


78 million views on TikTok


48 million views on Linkedin and Instagram


4 million views on YouTube and Spotify


In line with the 2022-2025 Business Plan, the Group continues to invest in its talents by incentivizing diversity and inclusion, creating a unique ecosystem of skills suited to the Bank's evolution, rewarding merit with remuneration and incentive policies and further developing the Next Way of Working path to ensure the best professional experience for the Group's people.

Future Leaders Program and International Talent Program

As part of the Leader of the Future Program targeting 1,000 talents and key people at Group level, the International Talent Program (ITP) constitutes one of the most important talent enhancement initiatives at Group level. Launched in 2017 to to develop a new generation of cross-cultural and international managers and professionals, it consists of customized development paths lasting approximately 3 years.

Each path is characterized by cross-functional, cross-divisional and international rotations of 12 months each, the objective of which is the development and strengthening of key skills - technical-specialist and managerial - and a global vision of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group. The innovative skills required by the edition launched with the 2022/2025 Business Plan are focused on the Business Plan, digital acceleration, ESG and enabling behaviors.


>240 talents who have completed the training course


240 talents currently included in the Program

With the launch of the third edition of the International Talent Program and an edition dedicated to new graduates hired by the Group from the external market the number of talents included in the Program exceeded 500 overall at the end of 2023.

Key People Program

The Key People program represents a path of excellence aimed at the Group's middle management possessing distinctive key skills for achieving the objectives of the Business Plan and or responsible for the management of specific strategic projects for the Plan itself. Launched in 2022, the program is aimed to around 470 managers also operating in the Network to enhance their all-around professional and managerial growth, potentially directing them towards future roles of responsibility in particularly complex management contexts. During 2023, the program extended to 50 people from the Group's Foreign Banks.

Incentive plans

To enhance the commitment and involvement of all the Group's people in achieving the economic, capital and sustainability objectives of the 2022-2025 Business Plan, the Group has adopted both long and short term incentive plans. Albeit different mechanisms depending on the company population addressed, each plan includes the ESG perspective.


3,100 managers benefiting from the long-term Performance Share Plan (PSP) 
including the Managing Director and CEO, the remaining Group Top Risk Takers and the other Group Risk Takers



45,629 people who joined LECOIP 3.0 
long-term incentive plan aimed at all professionals in the Italian perimeter(1)


3,000 Managers in addition to the CEO with ESG KPIs in the annual incentive plan (2)


10-15% weight of the ESG composite KPI in the managers' performance scorecard

Internal climate survey

In 2023, the biennial climate analysis was conducted through an online questionnaire to detect the perception of aspects such as well-being and job satisfaction, the Group's image, the effectiveness of new working methods (smart working and short week), the knowledge of the Group's ESG issues and projects, customer and management satisfaction.


70.8% response rate in Italy


77.9% response rate abroad


84% satisfaction rate at Group level
vs 79% in 2021 and 66% in 2013


(1) The plan provides for a minimum return on the capital initially assigned upon the Group's achievement of the same ESG composite KPI envisaged in the Performance Share Plan (PSP).
This KPI, which has been present since 2021 and represents an evolution from the previous transversal KPI "Diversity & Inclusion", has been assigned in the 2023 objective sheets to the CEO and approximately 3,000 managers of the Group (Italian and foreign perimeter), consistent with the commitments made in the 2022-2025 Business Plan.