Intesa Sanpaolo intends to continue to invest in projects aimed at the economic, social, cultural and civil growth of the communities in which it operates, supporting the Third Sector and favoring the financial inclusion of categories with difficulties in accessing credit despite their potential, with specific projects such as the Fund for Impact. The enhancement of the Italian artistic heritage is a further fundamental objective rooted in the history and way of operating of the Group.

2020 Consolidated Non-financial Statement

Commitment to community: targets and results

Objectives of 2018-2021 Business Plan Description
Achievement  (data at 31/12/2020, where not specified)
Becoming an exemplary model for society in terms of social and cultural responsibility Support social and cultural projects relevant to the area €184m (€86m in 2019) monetary contribution to community, of which over 57% in the health area, 16% in arts and culture, 13% in social and solidarity and 7% in civil and humanitarian emergencies
Combating poverty
Distribution by 2021 of 10,000 meals a day (3.6 m a year) and providing 6,000 beds a month (72,000 a year), 3,000 medicines and 3,000 clothing items a month (36,000 medicines and 36,000 items of clothing a year)
Target achieved well ahead with 19.9 million meals, 1.2 million beds, 260,500 medicines, 212,000 items of clothing as at 30.06.2021
“Giovani e Lavoro” Programme

Training and placement of 5,000 young people in the Italian employment market (in partnership with Generation Italy)

Over 20,000 applications received, over 4,400 students interviewed, over 1,800 students trained / in training, about 1,700 companies involved (from 2019 to 30.06.2021)
Artistic and cultural heritage Promotion and sharing of the Group’s artistic and cultural heritage and promotion of the culture and awareness of the country’s heritage

Over € 28.6 m monetary contribution for Art and Culture, in addition to exhibitions and ongoing exhibitions at the Gallerie d'Italia

Presentation of the project for the fourth location of the Gallerie d’Italia in Piazza San Carlo in Turin with 6,000 m2 dedicated to photography, the digital world and contemporary art

Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2021:
Community indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2020:
Community Indicators - pdf
Community Indicators - excel
Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2020:
Society indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2019:
Community Indicators
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