Donations and initiatives

Intesa Sanpaolo contributes to the community through donations and commercial initiatives with community benefit.


Donations to the community are issued:

  • centrally, through a special Fund for charitable, social and cultural donations, on the basis of biennial guidelines that define the piority issues for the access to the resources and an annual plan which specify the breakdown modes
  • by the Group’s Banks operating through their own charitable fund
  • through local donations managed in a decentralized way by Regional Departments and by the Group’s Banks which do not have their own charitable fund or not provided with adequate resources
  • by the International Subsidiary Banks.

In 2020, the Intesa Sanpaolo Fund for charitable, social and cultural donations disbursed approximately 16 million euro (6.4 million of which in support of projects to combat the health emergency) to support over 750 projects carried out by non-profit organisations. The target of allocating a large share of resources (>70%) to donations supporting projects benefiting more vulnerable sections of the population was exceeded by a considerable amount, amounting to 92%.

Initiatives that present commercial and promotional value for the Bank and the Group cannot be the subject of donation.

Among the beneficiaries of our donations the policy excludes:

  • Associations and organizations that are not legally recognized, recreational groups
  • Service Clubs, such as Lyons, Rotary, etc.
  • Entities involved in litigation matters that concern the lack of respect for human rights, peaceful coexistence, environmental protection
  • political parties, political movements and their organizational structures
  • trade unions
  • private citizens
  • Schools and local government agencies may benefit from financial contributions only for specific initiatives particularly important in social, cultural or scientific field.


Commercial initiatives with community benefit

Within the scope of the commercial initiatives with community benefits, the Group’s interventions were mainly aimed at the furtherance of the following objectives:

  • safeguarding and enhancing the country’s cultural heritage, by promoting and sharing the Group’s artistic heritage with the public, supporting the main cultural and music initiatives and making them accessible to a wide and varied audience (e.g. Teatro alla Scala, Teatro Regio di Torino, Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Teatro Comunale di Vicenza, Piccolo Teatro, Teatro Franco Parenti e Teatro Piemonte Europa)
  • support the debate among stakeholders. The partnership with the Trento Festival of Economics was renewed once again. The festival’s goal was to analyse the relationship between employment and new technologies to understand the impact that these have on the labour market.
  • develop training opportunities for young people. Worthy of mention is the partnership with the Intercultural Foundation, which promotes and organises international exchanges between young students and also receives support with the provision of annual study bursaries for upper secondary school students, so that they can experience life and study abroad, being hosted by local families and attending a local school.
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