Green products and services

To boost and support the green economy, Intesa Sanpaolo has developed a wide and diversified offer of financing and consulting products, dedicated to all types of customers, in Italy and abroad. Intesa Sanpaolo also oversees environmental and social risks in major projects and is working to implement new criteria to address environmental risks connected to the disbursement of loans.

In 2018 the Group allocated 1,922 million euro to the green economy, corresponding to 3.2% of all Group loans. 

Green loans

With regard to retail customers, the Bank continued to provide loans and mortgages for environmental purposes in 2018. These loans regarded the replacement of fixtures and high-performance boilers, the renovation of buildings from an energy efficiency perspective, the purchase of environmentally-friendly vehicles and the installation of solar and photovoltaic panels. In addition, some features of the “Domus Mutuo Case prefabbricate in legno" (loan for prefabricated timber-frame houses) have been improved (increase in the maximum duration of the loan and increase in the LTV - value of the loan obtainable in proportion) to meet the needs of customers that are more sensitive to environmental issues, channelling resources into the purchase of wooden buildings that respect specific safety and construction standards.
During the year the new Servizio Valorizzazione Immobiliare (Real Estate Enhancement Service), a new service accessory to financing, also aimed at supporting those customers who wish to increase the value of their home through energy requalification.

The provision of short and medium-long term loans to support renewable energy projects and energy efficiency interventions for professionals and companies also continued in 2018. Businesses can continue to take advantage of the Energy Business Loan, intended to support investment plans aimed at creating efficient energy production plants, diversifying energy sources and / or rationalizing consumption, as well as Renewable Energy Financing aimed at the construction of new plants for the production of renewable forms of energy other than photovoltaics, such as biomass and small-scale wind energy.

From this point of view, the Group's contribution is also important with medium- to long-term financing, leasing and factoring with "tailored" financial solutions and specialist advice services for companies investing in renewable energy production plants or energy efficiency processes. The focus is on the issue of energy efficiency, including participating in operational tables of comparison with the relevant institutional actors and structuring with leading national operators partnership initiatives on funding proposals Dedicated. At the end of 2018, the portfolio in the green sector amounted to more than 1.5 billion euros, or about 10% of the total medium and long-term loans.  

As part of non-profit organizations, Intesa Sanpaolo continues to support energy efficiency projects with solutions that help customers optimize the cash flows generated by the investment and reduce the costs of financing. At the end of 2018, the total funding related to the agreement with Federesco (National Federation of ESCo) is equal to 1.9 million euro.

Green loans

Circular Economy

The Intesa Sanpaolo Group also continued to pursue its Circular Economy project promoting the awareness and adoption of this model also with the support of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, the main promoter of the global transition towards the circular economy. The three-year collaboration agreement 2019-2021 with which Intesa Sanpaolo confirms itself as the Global Partner of the Foundation was renewed. Intesa Sanpaolo will continue its commitment to redefine business strategies in an innovative way, ensuring financial support for investments to support the redesign of the industrial system.

The transition towards a Circular Economy is pursued also thanks to the contribution of Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center, a Group company that oversees all the activities carried out in the Circular Economy area. 

Initiatives in this area include the dedicated Plafond and the Circular Economy Lab. 

The Intesa Sanpaolo Group has created a credit plan of up to 5 billion euros for the period 2018-2021, aimed at companies that adopt the circular model in innovative ways, granting the best conditions of access to credit.  

The Circular Economy Lab was launched in September 2018 by Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and Fondazione Cariplo, with the aim of supporting and accompanying the transformation of the Italian economic system and spreading new models of value creation in the collective interest, accelerating the transition to the Circular Economy.

Green Bonds

Intesa Sanpaolo's commitment to the Green Economy is also achieved through the issuance of bonds dedicated to supporting environmental sustainability projects.


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