Experiences in IMI Corporate & Investment Banking

The IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division, as part of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, takes up the challenge of a fast-changing world and rediscovers itself to be ever closer to the Italian and international entrepreneurial fabric, thanks to a greater sensitivity to issues related to the development of responsible and sustainable business.

In a social and economic context that is undergoing profound changes, our orientation aims at placing more and more emphasis on digital dialogue between bank and business and on a more concrete attention to the problems of transforming demand related to the environment.

Giulia De Palma, Loan Syndacation

Giulia De Palma works in the Loan Syndication team of the IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division.
She follows investors at every stage of the application process for loans that cannot be financed by a single financial institution.
Watch the video to find out what she enjoys most about her work. 

Ida Naimi, Business Director in Global Markets Securities Area

Ida Naimi is Business Manager within the IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division. 
She works in an all-women team within Capital Markets and encourages new graduates not to be influenced by clichés.
Watch the video to find out what she thinks about her job. 

Laura Asperti, Managing Director in Investment Banking, M&A Area

Laura Asperti is responsible for the Industry Consumer Retail team within the M&A division of IMI Corporate & Investment Banking Division. 
Every day, Laura supports the Division's clients through innovative and ambitious projects, from which she can always learn something new.

Discover her profession by watching the video. 

Elena Mogni, M&A Associate in the Industrial & Healthcare Team

Thomas Sensolini, M&A Director

Lisa Migliaccio, Credit Portfolio Manager in the Finance & Investment Area

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