Life in Intesa Sanpaolo

In the spirit of an agile and flexible approach to work...

We develop our talent and professionalism wherever we are
We value teamwork to encourage the generation of new ideas, even remotely
We take care of our well-being because being well also helps us to give our best
We seek the right balance between in-person and remote activities
We live spaces according to our new needs
We make the most of the technological tools at our disposal to collaborate with others in the presence and remotely
We optimise our resources and reduce environmental impacts



The image shows a smart working Intesa Sanpaolo person

Francesca is one of out of 78.000 colleagues who makes use of our smart-working policy.
Thanks to this instrument, she is able to manage her time flexibly and nurture her passion for music without compromising on team activities.


The image shows Intesa Sanpaolo people working in the office

For Luigi, passion and work coincide.
In the office, he develops his personal commitment to sustainability by focusing on the circular economy and selecting the most innovative projects with the lowest environmental impact.


The image shows a person of Intesa Sanpaolo working in the office

A network of over 90,000 colleagues in 40 countries around the world and a consolidated presence on the main international markets mean that people who work at Intesa Sanpaolo have truly unique opportunities for growth. For Nikolaos, Shu and thousands of other people, Intesa Sanpaolo is the great place to work.


The image shows two Intesa Sanpaolo people working in the office

Eleonora shares the determination she has learned from dance - a passion which has taught her the importance of discipline, team building and problem solving - with her colleagues and clients.
Bringing positive energy to work every day is a matter of training.

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