Our values

The Intesa Sanpaolo Group's growth strategy aims to create solid and sustainable value in economic and financial, social and environmental terms, built on the trust of all its stakeholders and based on the values set out in the Code of Ethics.

The Group is committed to observing the principles of sustainable development and has joined important international initiatives aimed at promoting dialogue between companies, supranational bodies and civil society, and pursuing respect for the environment and human rights.

Our mission

We, people of Intesa Sanpaolo

in the integrity and sustainability of our actions and those of our Bank.
for our customers through the excellence of our products, our services and our behaviour.
Create value and innovation
 for people, businesses, and communities in all countries and areas where we operate.
Build a future
fostering sustainable development in favour of the environment, the younger generations and a truly inclusive society.

What sets us apart

Flexibility and inclusion


Flexibility drives our working days; thanks also to smart working, it is possible to find a balance between achieving work goals and dedication to personal passions. 


Digital innovation and sustainability


A culture of innovation where you feel free to experiment, come up with creative ideas and bring new ways of acting into your team. 




International experiences, growth paths beyond Italy, knowledge of foreign work contexts and immersion in different cultural environments. Intesa Sanpaolo is the Italian company for those who dream of working abroad.


Passion, Patience, Perseverance and Perspective


Leadership is working with Passion every day. Patience and Perseverance are keys for any growth which always looks at the world with Perspective.


Intesa Sanpaolo: the Global Banking Group

With a corporate history of over 400 years, Intesa Sanpaolo is the leading banking group in Italy and one of the largest internationally

Our approach to agile and remote working

By 'next way of working' we mean a new strategic perspective aimed at defining a more agile operating model through advanced processes, technological infrastructures and widespread, integrated use of remote working. 
Since 2019, almost 80 thousand people have become remote working enabled. Thanks to multiple initiatives, we have accompanied colleagues in changing the way they work, giving them advice on how to take care of themselves and organise their working day efficiently.

According to Paola Angeletti, Chief Operating Officer of Intesa Sanpaolo, the task of our Group is to always look forward: what seems difficult or even impossible, in reality has solutions that must be sought with determination. To do this, constant and continuous collaboration is essential to innovate in the pure sense of the word, to define solutions to problems and to implement new models and ideas. 

Our initiatives to reduce the gender gap

Girls@PoliMI Intesa Sanpaolo

For the International Day of Women and Girls on Science, Intesa Sanpaolo provided four scholarships under the project "Girls@Polimi - the Scholarships for Future Women Engineers"

In line with the 2022-2025 Business Plan, Intesa Sanpaolo is constantly investing in the enhancement of talent and the growth of young people. The goal is to create an inclusive ecosystem useful for the dissemination of skills and increasingly qualified employment that contributes to more equitable and, above all, ethical growth.

Our awards

Intesa Sanpaolo is certified Top Employer Italy 2024

Top Employer 2024 Intesa Sanpaolo

Intesa Sanpaolo participated in the certification program of the Top Employers Institute, the global certification institute for best practices in the Human Resources field, obtaining the certification as Top Employer Italy also in 2024, for the third consecutive year.

The recognition celebrates the Group's commitment to corporate well-being and the digital efficiency of workspaces, diversity & inclusion, ethics and integrity and sustainability.

MF Innovazione Award - Hybrid Continuous Onboarding

In 2023, thanks to the Hybrid Continuous Onboarding project, we are among the winners of the MF Innovation Award, which rewards innovation and sustainability in the analysis and selection of products, services and projects of banking institutions. 

In recent years we connected people and digital, designing meaningful experiences for every person in the Group. Thanks to the synergies between the Chief Operating Officer Area and our Data, A.I., Innovation & Technology Area, we successfully redesigned Intesa Sanpaolo's entry experience, creating a digital and innovative onboarding process which is engaging and always puts people at the center, supporting them at all the steps.

Most attractive employers: we're still first in the Banking filed

Most Attractive Employers 2023 banking field Intesa Sanpaolo

We are happy to be among the Most Attractive Employers 2023 in Italy.

It's a great achievement for us to be for the second year in a row ranked first among the employers chosen in the Banking field by students and young professionals in the Business area.

Special thanks to the young people who choose us every day to build their future, helping us design our own.

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