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Talent development: International Talent Program

The Third Edition of the Talent Management Program is fully part of the HR initiatives of the 2022-2025 Business Plan which bases an innovative strategy on Talents.

The International Talent Program is one of the most important HR initiatives that aims to enhance talent and develop the best skills within the Intesa San Paolo Group at an international level.
Aimed at colleagues from all over the Group with professional and middle management profiles, the program provides personalized paths of 3-5 years, characterized by cross-functional, interdivisional and international experiences, in constantly evolving market contexts.

Established in 2017, today it involves more than 300 colleagues and does wants to keep growing without stopping.

Key aspects of the program

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Learning paths are designed to create a continuous exchange between business and governance positions. All the people participating in the program are involved in specialist and managerial training, and project work strongly connected to the various businesses of the Group and in international experiential training 

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The program offers a variety of international experiences lasting at least one year to be carried out in the various Group structures and specialist and managerial training in English. For each participant - throughout the course - there is a sponsorship program with the direct involvement of the Group's senior managers.

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Learning paths are customized on the basis of the profile, attitudes of the participants and previous experiences.

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Our feedback culture

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UpPER is the performance appraisal system adopted in 2019 to meet the new development challenges; supported by a digital system, it places each individual at the centre, valuing their specific job and their contribution. The performance assessment is based on three indicators, shared between managers and employees at the beginning of the year. In order to foster continuous dialogue, during the evaluation cycle, managers can provide feedback to employees on the assigned indicators, also through the use of a specific App, enabling the person to receive consistent training interventions.

Thanks to this evaluation system, it is possible to identify the most deserving persons to whom promotions can be assigned.

Development paths

Our Group organises professional development paths that support and govern the growth of our people.

The paths are characterised by well-defined steps to train soft skills and technical knowledge and can also include internal rotations to develop each person's potential to the full.

Rotations and the domestic labour market

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Our internal job market every week offers new opportunities and professional challenges in an easy way with a digital experience

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Launched in May 2018, and implemented on the same platform that manages external recruitment, it shares its logics, processes and assessment methodologies, and allows Group employees to spontaneously apply to the advertisements that are published weekly on the internal People portal: if their profile is consistent with the requisitions shared by the structure that opened the search, internal candidates undergo selection interviews to assess soft and technical skills, up to eligibility that allows them to carry out new experiences within the Group.

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