People enhancement

Diversity equity and inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion Principles of the Group, updated in 2023, establish precise commitments aimed at ensuring fair in the processes of recruitment, promotion to senior roles and appointments to Management positions and in the succession plan for top management roles. 

The 2023 update expressly prohibits any form of discrimination, explicitly commits to training and awareness on D&EI issues. It incorporates a commitment towards same-sex couples (previously included in another internal policy document), and emphasizes the use of increasingly inclusive and respectful language.

To these commitments, the 2022-2025 Business Plan has added one for gender balance in new appointments within senior positions.



~50% women in new appointments to senior positions
first and second level reporting below the CEO


42% women in appointments made to senior positions in 2023
first and second level reporting below the CEO


29.6% women in managerial positions (executives and middle managers) 
out of the total women


40.1% women in managerial positions
out of the total managerial positions

Group workforce


Compliance with commitments is monitored by the DE&I Control Room and is supported by training and awareness activities. For example, in 2023 a new edition of the mandatory training for all Group people on combating sexual harassment was released, focused in particular on reporting and the related management process. 

Also in 2023, a listening and psychological support service, as well as legal information, dedicated to victims of sexual harassment, was provided. This service was accessible free of charge and managed by external professionals.

In 2023, dedicated training initiatives were launched in the field of interculturality with a specific focus on the effectiveness and importance of inclusive and respectful communication between different cultures. Individuals who recently assumed leadership roles participated in managerial discussions on Inclusive Leadership topics, which over time involved the entire population of Managers in Italy (more than 6,600 people involved).

Disability Management

Immagine progetto cani di assistenza in ufficio - collega con cane

The reference contact within the company to address all problems connected with the world of disabilities and illness is the inter-functional Working Group, created following the Inclusion Agreement of August 2018.

Coordinated by the Welfare function, it includes the active participation of over 80 Group’s people representing various corporate structures. The aim is to combine the different professional skills in a team working, in order to support and enhance all employees' contribution in the company. The group periodically meets with the Trade Unions as part of the Welfare, Safety and Sustainable Development Committee to define the initiatives to be undertaken and naturally works in synergy with the Diversity & Inclusion Function.

All group members and a representation of all union organizations participated in the “Disability Manager e mondo del lavoro” (Disability Manager and the working world) Advanced Training course, organised by Cattolica University of Milan. The Group's commitment to the topic involves, on one hand, managing individual reports from Group members and, on the other hand, engaging in various activities, including cultural ones, to raise awareness and involve people on the subject.

Among the various initiatives:

- In collaboration with Gallerie d’Italia, the project "Visite d’altri Sensi" targeted at blind individuals as sensory museum guides, is a pilot project carried out in partnership with Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center and involving the Municipality of Turin, focusing on accessibility in urban mobility.

The ISPROUD community

During the year, the experience of ISPROUD, the community of LGBTQ+ people and allies born spontaneously during 2021 and grown through word of mouth, was consolidated. By 2023 the community had come to involve more than 1,000 people in Italy and abroad who meet periodically to discuss, share ideas and experiences to be translated into tangible project to propose to the company.

ISPROUD has collaborated extensively with the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Structure and the rest of the Group throughout various initiatives, offering its contribution in designing internal and external content, organizing events, and initiating new projects..

Awards received


Gender equality certification
Intesa Sanpaolo is the first major Italian banking group to obtain the gender equality UNI/PdR 125:2022 certification for its commitment to diversity and inclusion according to the criteria set out in the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) in Mission 5 “Inclusion and Cohesion
Bloomberg index on inclusion and valorization of diversity
Intesa Sanpaolo included for the sixth consecutive year in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) 2023


Refinitiv index on inclusion and attention to diversity
First bank in Europe and only Italian bank among the 100 most inclusive workplaces attentive to diversity and inclusion according to the Refinitiv Global Diversity and Inclusion Index 2023, an international index that evaluates over 15,000 listed companies globally.