Support to the community

Intesa Sanpaolo’s commitment to the Community is substantiated annually in a range of various kinds of contributions which in 2020 totalled more than 190 million euro (194 million euro if we consider the contribution from the UBI Banca Group for the August-December period) an increase of 106% compared to 2019.

The main action areas in which monetary contributions were made in 2020, driven by the COVID-19 health emergency were: healthcare for 105.8 million euro (2.5 million euro in 2019), support for art and culture, amounting to 28.6 million euro (51.2 million euro in 2019), social solidarity for 24.7 million euro (14 million euro in 2019), civil and humanitarian emergencies for 13 million euro (0.7 million euro in 2019), education and research for 6.4 million euro, whereas the amount given in 2019 was 7 million euro, and  economic development for 2.8 million euro (5.6 million euro in 2019).

Community cash contribution by type - %

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