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Sustainable Finance Awards 2022: Intesa Sanpaolo awarded for Italy

Intesa Sanpaolo was awarded the Sustainable Finance Award 2022 by Global Finance for its leadership in Italy. The US-based industry magazine Global Finance awarded financial institutions in 63 different countries that stand out for their commitment to financing initiatives to mitigate the impact of climate change.

VUB Bank, Intesa Sanpaolo’s subsidiary bank in Slovakia, was also awarded Global Finance’s Sustainable Finance Award 2022 as the leading institution in Slovakia.

Evaluation criteria for the Sustainable Finance Awards 2022 included governance policies and goals as well as measurable achievements in environmental and social sustainability financing.

2021 Consolidated Non-financial Statement interactive

Intesa Sanpaolo's Skyscraper

To enhance the contents of the 2021 Consolidated Non-financial Statement (CNFS) and increase knowledge of it by a wider audience, this year a new version of the interactive CNFS was developed within the Sustainability section of the Intesa Sanpaolo institutional website. 

At the opening, Elena Flor, Head of ESG & Sustainability, describes the Group's main sustainability projects and results in a video.

The navigation continues with the representation of the interactive materiality matrix, through which it is possible to deepen the relevant issues for the stakeholders and for the impact on the bank's strategies. The pages are enriched with links to some sections of the Group site, useful internet sites, and thematic boxes, to offer a broader and more in-depth view of the topics covered.

At the end, the video on the bank's commitment to achieve the SDGs, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The 2021 Consolidated Non-financial Statement has been published

2021 Consolidated Non-financial Statement - cover

In the difficult context of the COVID-19 health emergency, the Group continued to support businesses and families. Through a strategy based on and strong roots in the territories, it has continued to represent a solid point of reference in the countries in which it operates, in line with the commitments undertaken in the 2018-2021 Business Plan and with the objective, for the 2022-2025 Business Plan, to confirm itself as a leader in building a sustainable world.

The actions and results reported in the Consolidated Non-financial Statement demonstrate the strong Group's commitment to sustainability, which is increasingly at the center of the choices and assessments of stakeholders. This commitment has been rewarded by Intesa Sanpaolo's constant leadership positioning in the main sustainability indices and rankings, highlighted in the Executive Summary of the document together with the main performance indicators and the main initiatives to face the Covid-19 emergency.

23 march, 2022

Green Bond Report 2021 has been published

Green Bond Report 2021 cover

Intesa Sanpaolo has published the annual report on the allocation of income and the environmental impact of Intesa Sanpaolo Green Bonds issued between 2017 and 2021.

Starting from the reporting for the year 2021, the report sees the transition to the" Portfolio approach ". On the basis of the "portfolio approach", we move from a report on the allocation of income and environmental benefits for each bond to a report that estimates the impacts and benefits obtained for the entire portfolio of eligible loans for each of the green categories included in the Intesa Sanpaolo framework.

From the 2021 report it emerges that of the 17,768 green loans eligible according to the Intesa Sanpaolo Framework, 43% refer to green buildings, 32% to renewable energy, 23% to Circular Economy and 2% to energy efficiency, making it possible to avoid a total of 5,551,900 tons of CO2 emissions.

The issue of Green Bonds is one of the tools with which the Group intends to support its customers’ projects in favor of the environment, with a growing commitment confirmed by the new Business Plan 2022-2025 as concerns the Green and Circular Economy and ecological transition.

Find out more about the Green Bonds issued by Intesa Sanpaolo.

March, 16 2022

Intesa Sanpaolo joins M'illumino di Meno 2022

Launched by Caterpillar and Radio2 in 2005, the eighteenth edition of M’illumino di Meno this year has as its motto "Switch off, pedal, revive and improve".

The 2022 edition aims to promote sustainable mobility on the one hand, the symbol of which is the bicycle for its immediate effect in reducing pollution due to fossil fuels and, on the other hand, to support planting, the main tool for cleaning up the air and promote the ecological transition. This commitment will be witnessed respectively by the cyclist Paola Gianotti and the plant neurobiologist Stefano Mancuso. 
Above all, the original goal of the initiative: to raise awareness of energy saving.

Intesa Sanpaolo, in its role as diffuser of the principles of sustainability and supporter of the green transition of its customers, has chosen to raise awareness on the issues relating to the initiative through symbolic gestures. For the occasion, in fact:

- the Gallerie d’Italia in Milan, Naples and Vicenza will cut off the external lighting from 18.00 to 19.30;

- the lighting of some areas of the skyscraper will be suspended in the evening between 11 and 12 March;

- messages will be displayed on the screens of the ATMs to sensitize customers to behave more responsibly, favoring sustainable mobility and emphasizing the important role of plants.

Both issues are relevant to our Group. The new Business Plan 2022-2025 provides, in fact, funding to support sustainable mobility and urban regeneration projects, as well as the protection and restoration of natural capital. For this reason, over 100 million trees will be planted over the four-year period of the Plan, with direct Group initiatives or dedicated customer loans, and adopting a specific biodiversity policy.

March, 11 2022

Intesa Sanpaolo confirmed in Bloomberg Gender Equality-Index 2022

Intesa Sanpaolo was confirmed also for this year in the Gender-Equality Index 2022, the thematic index on gender equality launched by Bloomberg in 2018.

Bloomberg's analysis, across all economic sectors, covered over 11,700 companies listed on the main world stock exchanges and led to the inclusion in the index of 418 companies (380 in 2021) belonging to 45 countries. Among these, Intesa Sanpaolo obtained a score of over 82%, about 10 points higher than the average of the global financial sector and 11 points higher than the overall average of the companies in the index, clear recognition of the attention paid by the Group to the issues gender equity.

The index is based on various criteria, both quantitative, such as the composition of the workforce and the distribution of gender in the roles of responsibility, and qualitative, such as the facilities for a better reconciliation between professional and private life, the presence of policies to support a work environment based on gender equality, the presence of financial products dedicated to women.

January 26, 2022

Intesa Sanpaolo received the Top Employer 2022 certification

Top Employers Institute, a global body certifying excellence in the HR field, has recognized Intesa Sanpaolo as Top Employer 2022.
In 2021 the Group participated in a complex certification program, with an in-depth assessment of HR practices through an HR Best Practices Survey.
Being Top Employer 2022 allows Intesa Sanpaolo to be recognized globally as an innovative company at the forefront of HR issues, attentive to the well-being of its employees and attractiveness to the best talents on the job market.
To learn more about the commitment to support our people visit this sections of our institutional website:

January 20, 2022

Intesa Sanpaolo confirmed among the 100 most sustainable companies in the world

In the annual ranking drawn up by Corporate Knights, Intesa Sanpaolo has been included for the sixth consecutive year among the 100 most sustainable listed companies in the world, which make up the Corporate Knights Global 100 Index in USD. The index, as communicated by Corporate Knights, had a performance of + 331% in terms of total return from 1 February 2005 to 31 December 2021. 
Almost 7,000 companies were evaluated compared to 23 indicators that analyze, among others, the issues relating to environmental sustainability, human resources, gender equality, revenues from green goods and services, commitment to sustainability.  

January 19, 2022