Welfare, Formazione e Sviluppo

Welfare, Training and Development

Supplementary Pensions

Contribution funds with a variety of investment options and a focus on ESG issues

Health Care

Health care supplementing the services provided by the National Health Service, timely and effective

Associazione Lavoratori Intesa Sanpaolo

Through a wide range of services, it has established itself as a concrete new form of participatory welfare

Soft Welfare

Promoting the well-being of people in the company with a wide range of measures and solutions dedicated to supporting colleagues

Disability Management

Promoting work start-up policies for people with fragility to enhance talent and skills

Mobility Management

Promoting solutions to combine the well-being of our people with that of the cities in which we live and work

Work life balance

Starting from January 2023, Intesa Sanpaolo has introduced some important innovations about flexible working and a shortened workweek of 9 hours per day for 4 days (4×9). 

An important step towards a better work-life balance and to support our people in their daily issues or needs, ranging from taking care of a family member, or completing their studies; an opportunity to be able to experience every important moment of life.

Thanks to this flexible working model, Intesa Sanpaolo wants to meet the new challenges of the changing economic and social environment and in particular the transition to digital services.

Smart Working

Smart working has been adopted by the Group even before the pandemic. The evolution of smart working provides for 120 flexible working days per year, with no monthly limit. A meal voucher is granted during remote working as well. All the emloyees of the Group are offered the possibility to choose between this new way of working or the option of 8 days of flexible work per month. 

Study leave

Opportunity to be absent on days needed to take exams or take part in training courses. Because if you grow, we all grow. 

Abstentions for family grounds

Paid and unpaid leave and leave of absence, which enable you to cope with various family-related events, from your union or marriage, to the arrival of children, to managing the most difficult moments of your loved ones such as illness, infirmity or bereavement. 

Shortened workweek of 9 hours per day for 4 days

Consistent with the Group's technical and organizational needs, it is possible for all the employees to join the four-day-workweek (4x9) consisting of 9 hours of work per day for 4 days with equal pay and no fixed day obligation.

Abstention on personal grounds

A lot of instruments, with different time spans, to enable you to cope with exceptional events or to devote yourself to study or volunteer work, to move from your office or your home, or to engage in society through political offices.

Free time

One of the things that sets Intesa Sanpaolo’s mission apart is the importance we give to culture, sport, entertainment and volunteering. We want our employees to benefit from special benefits in the world of culture, sport and free time stemming from the group’s promotions, collaborations and partnerships - from theatres to museums, cinemas, concerts and volunteering days.


We promote culture in all its forms, with discounts and special benefits for people who work for us.  Because great emotions are a prime asset.


We promote sports among our employees and their families. “Sport is the way to ensure your health is as strong as iron”, as Gerhard Uhlenbruck said!


All employees have access to CareLab "an integrated system for experiencing the ways of well-being". It is a platform that offers content, tools and initiatives - created by experts - focused on the three areas of well-being:

  • physical: nutrition and physical activity;
  • psychological: introduction to energy practices and emotional well-being;
  • social: support and tools for work-life balance to support loved ones.

CareLab is also a laboratory in which to experiment, to find the path to the healthy lifestyle best suited to everyone.

4 Fooding

Recipes, menus, team of nutritionists in a web app to put the principles of nutritional well-being into daily practice

Online Gym

New online gym available free of charge that makes it easier for you to use the services.


An app where each movement corresponds to different rewards


A programme to help you reach your goals in 21 days

Listening and Support

A team of people specialised in listening and supporting all colleagues


The caregiver support portal

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