Welfare and People Care


The image shows a smart working person

Intesa Sanpaolo offers all its people an articulated welfare system, to provide all colleagues with a system of guarantees: flexibilities aimed at reconciling life and work and economic benefits and contributions.

The macro-areas of intervention include supplementary pensions, supplementary health care, IWA (Intesa Sanpaolo Workers Association), the soft welfare, the interfunctional group dedicated to the management of disabilities and chronic diseases in the company and the mobility management, as well as the Intesa Sanpaolo Onlus Foundation.

Supplementary Pensions

Contribution funds with a variety of investment options and a focus on ESG issues

Health Care

Timely and effective health care supplementing the services provided by the National Health Service

Intesa Sanpaolo Workers Association

The cultural, recreational and sports association of Group employees

Soft Welfare

A wide range of measures and flexibility solutions to support all colleagues

Disability Management

Solutions to combine the well-being of our people with our city’s liveability

Mobility Management

Solutions to combine the well-being of our people with our cities’ liveability

Work life integration

Starting from January 2023, Intesa Sanpaolo proposed to the Group's people working in Italy some important cutting-edge innovations in terms of work organization, including increased flexibility in entering and leaving work, the evolution of remote working with 120 days on an annual basis and the short 4-day 9-hour work week.

An important step forward to support our people in managing their daily lives and responding to their need of time for themselves, to support their affections, to complete a course of study or to care for a family member; an opportunity to experience every important moment of life.

The new organizational model puts Intesa Sanpaolo in the best competitive position to face the changing economic and social context and in particular the transition to digital services.

The image shows a smart working person
Remote Working

Smart working has always been a working method adopted by the Group, even before the pandemic. The evolution of smart working includes the possibility of flexible working for up to 120 days a year, with no monthly limit, with a meal voucher allowance to take into account expenses incurred working from home. All Group employees will be able to join this new modality or maintain the option of 8 flexible working days per month.

The picture shows a person who applied for a study leave in the Company, to take an exam at the University
Study permits

Opportunity to be absent on days needed to take exams or take part in training courses. Because if you grow, the whole Group grows.

The image shows a person who has applied for leave at work for family reasons
Abstentions for family reasons

Paid and unpaid permits, leave and expectations, which enable you to face the various family-related events, from your union or marriage, to the arrival of children, to the management of the most difficult moments of your affections, such as illnesses, infirmities or bereavements.

The image shows a smart working person
4-day, 9-hour short week

On a voluntary basis and compatibly to the Bank's technical, organizational and production requirements, it is possible to adhere to this new work organization in which it will be possible to work 9 hours for 4 days a week between Monday and Friday (4x9) for equal pay and without a fixed day off.

The image shows a person who requested leave from work for personal reasons
Abstention for personal reasons

Numerous instruments, with different temporal extension, to enable you to face exceptional events or to dedicate yourself to study or volunteer work, to move from your office or your home, or to engage in society through political offices.

People Care

The image shows people working in the office

Supporting people's needs, analysing corporate People Care systems at an international level, enhancing and enriching of personal services: these are the pillars needed to ensure the promotion of wellbeing and quality of life for our people.

The People Care goal is to encourage new and healthy behaviours, in line with the principles of the World Health Organisation, in the awareness that wellbeing is the result of balancing the physical, psychological and social resources necessary for each of us to face daily challenges. The values of information, scientificity, prevention and experience form an integrated approach, which allows people to gain awareness and experience good wellness practices every day.

The main supporting initiatives are:

  • CareLab, the laboratory of complete well-being;
  • Psychological Support, the service provided by psychologists and psychotherapists; 
  • Service Showcase, with an offer of 400 initiatives.


The image shows a man going for a run in his spare time

A real 'workshop' to promote complete well-being:

  • physical: nutrition and work-out;
  • emotional and psychological: energy and emotional well-being;  
  • social and relational: caregiving and family wellness.  

To feel good in the office, at home and in all the other contexts of daily life.

CareLab provides:


Digital platform

More than 700 contents on physical, emotional-psychological and social-relational well-being, to experience wellness


Recipes, menus, insights and a team of nutritionists in a web app for adopting the principles of healthy eating

Online Gym

Rich schedule of live streaming and on-demand courses held by expert coaches in all disciplines


App which encourages movement and rewards healthy lifestyles through steps, sports and challenges between colleagues


Web app to train and adopt good habits for emotional and psychological well-being

Listening and Support

Psychological support service provided by an external team of psychologists and psychotherapists


Portal to support caregiver, created by a team of professionals with customised online services

Individual specialist consultations

To get a customised support by nutritionists, personal trainers and sports mental coaches

Corporate spaces with new layouts

To promote interactions between people, including through tools and initiatives for well-being in the workplace

Psychological support

The picture shows a person using the psychological support service

Curated by an external partner network of experienced psychologists and psychotherapists with the scientific supervision from a prestigious Italian university, the service offers free, 24/7, immediate, professional and impartial support for life situations that generate concerns or affect well-being.

Available via toll-free number or dedicated platform to all Intesa Sanpaolo Group people both in Italy and in 39 of the countries where it is present.

"Vetrina dei Servizi"

The image shows Intesa Sanpaolo people working in the office

Intesa Sanpaolo offers around 400 services and initiatives to respond in a personalized way to the needs of our people and their families:

  • balancing private and professional life;
  • managing one's own and family budgets;
  • supporting health and quality of life;
  • enhancing leisure time.

The complete offer can be consulted by exploring a digital catalogue organized on people's needs, also in relation to the personal, familiar or professional life cycle.

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