Tourin's Teatro Regio opening 2019-2020

On Thursday 3 October at 8.00 pm, the Opera and Ballet Season at the Teatro Regio theatre in Turin opens with The Pearl Fishers, with Maestro Ryan McAdams conducting the Teatro Regio Orchestra and Chorus, and direction and scenery by Julien Lubek and Cecile Roussat.

As well as being a Founding Member of the Teatro Regio theatre in Turin, the bank is also a partner for the opening event for the eighth year running. This operation is part of a strategic project for the promotion of culture and artistic heritage that makes us an active partner in the city of Turin. 

The Pearl Fishers is the first masterpiece written by Bizet when he was not even twenty-five, but was already aware of his melodic skills and mastery of an elegant, unique orchestration technique.

In a remote corner of the Island of Ceylon, the pearl fisher Nadir renews his oath of friendship to Zurga, the village chief. They vow that their bond shall be stronger than any love story. But the promise is broken when the priestess Leila, arriving on the island in order to devote her life to Brahma, recognises Nadir as the handsome young man she glimpsed during a procession in Kandy and never forgotten. They declare their love for each other, ready face death if it may come to it. Zurga feels betrayed and sentences the lovers to death, but his loyalty to his friend eventually prevails and he allows the young couple to escape. 

For further information: www.teatroregio.torino.it

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