Welcoming, innovative, unique

This multipurpose auditorium transforms to suit the event that will be hosted. It is equipped with an audiovisual system and acoustic panels that can be configured to either absorb or diffuse sound. Two foyers, a cloakroom and two outdoor terraces complete the space and enhance its functionality. 

Sedili auditorium

The auditorium, an extraordinary space suspended at the base of the tower

Two escalators in the ground-floor lobby facing Giardino Grosa lead up to this suspended auditorium, a cultural gathering place in which to experience the great many events that animate the city of Turin.

The unique spirit of the tower’s auditorium makes this space the crown jewel of the city’s constantly evolving urban landscape.

Tradition and innovation, the auditorium’s stage in all its forms

The auditorium, which can seat up to 336 people, is able to host a wide variety of events. The unique feature of this hall is its extreme versatility, which allows changings in the geometry of the space to meet the needs of the event at hand, from auditorium seating for conferences or concerts to a level floor space without seating, perfect for exhibits of all kinds.  

This sort of transformation is made possible by motorized platforms. The stage, when configured, has a surface area of 60 sq m (645 sq ft) and the auditorium features a system designed to control acoustic efficiency by altering the characteristics of a series of movable wall panels. 

The auditorium includes a control booth, booths for translators and an audiovisual system with retractable screens. Rigging on the ceiling can also be used to enhance the hall lighting.

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