The Intesa Sanpaolo Group is committed in the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, that it is a priority for the international community, and in the support to the sustainable growth in line with the “UN Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs). SDGs call on countries to significantly reduce illicit financial flows (IFFs) by 2030. IFFs:

-    refer to the movement of money across borders that is illegal in its source (e.g. corruption, smuggling), its transfer (e.g. tax evasion), or its use (e.g. the financing of terrorism);
-    constitute a major disabler to sustainable development. They can have a direct impact on a country’s ability to raise, retain and mobilise its own resources to finance sustainable development.

What is money laundering? What is financing of terrorism?

“Money laundering” is the process of concealing the illicit origin of proceeds of crimes.

The “financing of terrorism” is the collection or the provision of funds for terrorist purposes. “Terrorism” remains one of the most significant threats to peace, security and stability, as well as to the enjoyment of human rights and social and economic development.

In the case of money laundering, the funds are always of illicit origin, whereas in the case of the financing of terrorism, funds can stem from both legal and illicit sources.

Money launderers and terrorist financiers exploit loopholes and differences among national anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism systems and move their funds to or through jurisdictions with weak or ineffective legal and institutional frameworks.

Money laundering and the financing of terrorism are financial crimes with economic effects. Effective anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism regimes are essential to protect the integrity and stability in financial markets.

AML Policy
Guidelines for combating money laundering and terrorist financing and for managing embargoes” written also in compliance with the Bank of Italy's Regulations of 26 March 2019 and 30 July 2019. 
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