Relevant corporate structures

The Chief Risk Officer Governance Area, directly reporting to the Managing Director and CEO, in which the risk management functions are concentrated, including the controls on the risk management and internal validation process, represents a relevant component of the “second line of defence” of the internal control system that is separate and independent from the business supporting functions.

This Area is responsible for governing the macro process of definition, approval, control and implementation of the Group’s Risk Appetite Framework with the support of the other corporate functions involved, as well as assisting the Corporate Bodies in setting and implementing the Group’s risk management guidelines and policies, in accordance with the company’s strategies and objectives, and coordinates and verifies their implementation by the responsible units of the Group, also within the various corporate areas, guaranteeing the measurement and control of the Group’s exposure to various types of risk,  implementing the II level controls on credit and other risks, in addition to ensuring the validation of risk measurement and management internal systems.

The Chief Risk Officer Governance Area is responsible for operational implementation of the strategic and management guidelines along the Bank’s entire decision-making chain, down to individual operational units. The risk control functions of subsidiaries with a decentralised management model and any representatives of the Parent Company’s risk control function at subsidiaries with a centralised management model report to it.

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