Representative appointed by the company

In accordance with applicable regulations (art. 135-undecies, Consolidated Law on Finance), Intesa Sanpaolo has assigned Servizio Titoli S.p.A. as its "Appointed Representative", to whom shareholders can submit proxies at no cost by the end of the second open-market day preceding the date scheduled for the Meeting (and therefore by close of business on 24 May 2012).
The proxy and voting instructions may be withdrawn by 24 May 2012.
A specific web application provided and managed by Servizio Titoli S.p.A. may be used to give the proxy. This application allows the user to fill in a proxy form for the Appointed Representative and may be accessed via the following link:

Guided filling in of the form for issuing the proxy to the Appointed Representative

Alternatively, a version of the form for issuing the proxy to the Appointed Representative is available for download. If, for technical reasons, the form cannot be made available in electronic format, it will be sent in hard copy upon request to Servizio Titoli S.p.A., tel. +39 011 0923200 or to the Ufficio Soci (Shareholders' Office) (ufficio.soci@intesasanpaolo.com, tel. +39 011 555 6227, fax +39 011 555 6396). The original of the proxy must be sent to the Appointed Representative by the deadline indicated above of 24 May 2012 to the following address: Servizio Titoli S.p.A., Via Nizza 262/73, 10126 Turin, possibly sending in advance, by the same date, a copy of the proxy with a declaration of conformity with the original:

Should you need help or further information, you may contact the Appointed Representative, tel: +39 011 0923200.
Please note that to confirm entitlement to voting rights and for their exercise at the Shareholders' Meeting, the notice to the issuer from the intermediary (acting at the request of the interested party) is always necessary.

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