How to delegate proxy and the related form

Persons holding voting rights may be represented by written proxy. The proxy can be given by completing and signing the proxy form (pdf fileeditable word file). The same form can be requested in printed format from the Shareholders' Office (ufficio.soci@intesasanpaolo.com, phone +39 011 555 6227, fax +39 011 555 6396).

Alternatively, a freehand format can be used provided it contains the Shareholders' Meeting reference details and information required to identify the persons concerned.

The original proxy must be delivered to the representative as credentials for access to discussions at the Shareholders' Meeting.

In accordance with applicable regulations (art. 135-novies, subsection 5, Consolidated Law on Finance), in place of the original the representative can deliver or forward a copy - in printed or electronic format - of the proxy, self-certifying that it is a true copy of the original proxy and confirming the identity of the delegating party. In this case the representative must retain the original proxy and keep track of any voting instructions for one year after the Shareholders' Meeting.

Please note that to confirm entitlement to voting rights and for their exercise at the Shareholders' Meeting, the notice to the issuer from the intermediary (acting at the request of the interested party) is always necessary.

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