How to submit questions before the Shareholders' Meeting

This section offers persons holding voting rights the chance to submit questions on items on the agenda before the Shareholders' Meeting, in accordance with Article 127‐ter of the Consolidated Law on Finance.

Requesting parties must send notices to the Company, via their intermediary, certifying their entitlement to exercise this right pursuant to Article 43 of the joint Regulation adopted by Consob and the Bank of Italy on 13 August 2018 or the intermediary's notice to participate in the Shareholders’ Meeting pursuant to Article 83-sexies of the Consolidated Law on Finance.  

Questions must contain details identifying the shareholder and must reach the Company by 5 October 2021.

Given that the participation at the Meeting is permitted only through the Appointed Representative, any questions which concern the items on the agenda shall be answered in a specific section of the Company’s website by 12.00 of 12 October 2021. The Company has the right to provide a single response to questions with the same content.

Questions may be submitted by:
1. the special form attached here
2. e-mail to domande.assemblea@intesasanpaolo.com
3. fax to +39 011 093 2650


The question submission form was active up to and including 5 October 2021.

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