Milano, 31 January 2002

Reorganised the Group's securities house

In the past few days IntesaBci completed another important step in its integration process with the reorganisation of the Group's securities house. Caboto Holding's Extraordinary Shareholders' Meeting resolved to merge with its subsidiary Caboto Sim and to increase share capital from 162.5 million euro to 412.5 million euro, destined to support the development and upgrading of services to customers.

The new company which has been denominated Caboto IntesaBci - Società di intermediazione mobiliare, in addition to maintaining and expanding the most significant activities within is core business (equity and fixed income), acquired from the parent company the management of certain strategic sectors and thus integrates different experiences and expertise which will enable it to fully leverage on all the potential synergies. In particular, a new Retail Capital Market unit was formed with the mission of designing and distributing innovative financial instruments specifically suited to meet the needs of retail investors.

The securities house of Gruppo IntesaBci, directed by Giovanni Gorno Tempini, is already one of the forefront positions both on the Italian equity market, where it is ranked among the leading players in terms of traded volumes with a market share of 5.46%, and on the bond market, in which it is active as market maker on Government securities issued in the euro area and on both the primary and secondary bond market.

In addition to the trading rooms in Milano, London and New York, Caboto IntesaBci boasts an automated trading platform, called RetLots Exchange, which enables the company to quote and trade a range of OTC (over the counter) products with authorised customers.



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