Milano, 25th June 2002
IntesaBci’s Board of Directors, chaired by Giovanni Bazoli, approved the Parent Company’s new structure and the new management team which will side up with the Managing Director and CEO Corrado Passera in the main central functions and in the Group’s co-ordination.


IntesaBci’s organisational model is confirmed in its essential guidelines and is further simplified: the Governance Centre, leaner than before, will continue to define the Group’s strategic guidelines and co-ordinate the activities of the divisions. Three of the current divisions (Corporate, Retail and Private) are grouped together in a new Macro Network Division which will be in charge of ensuring an adequate co-ordination both at the centre and on the territory.


The central structures have been simplified. The heads of the various areas are the following:


       Legal Affairs: Elisabetta Lunati

       Administration: Ernesto Riva

       Internal Auditing: Bruno Dotti

       Credit Risk: Pier Francesco Saviotti, appointed General

       Manager for the Credit Area by the Board of Directors

       Finance and Treasury: Vincenzo La Via

       Real Estate and Procurement: Renato Dalla Riva

       Equity Investments: Paolo Grandi

       Planning and Control: Carlo Messina

       External Relations: Stefano Lucchini

       Risk Management: Vittorio Conti

       Human Resources and Organisation: Francesco Micheli



The five departments (Legal Affairs, Administration, Equity Investments, Planning and Control, Risk Management), which also report to the CEO, are co-ordinated by the General Manager Roberto Brambilla.


Marcello Gasco and Vito Faggella have been confirmed at the helm of the support service companies Intesa Sistemi e Servizi and Intesa Gestione Crediti respectively.


The powers regarding cultural and institutional relations have been confirmed to Armando Peres, who will report directly to both the CEO and the Chairman.


Furthermore, the Macro Network Division aggregates the current Retail Banking Division, which has been placed under the responsibility of Giovanni Boccolini, the Corporate Banking Division (Marco Paolillo) and the Private Banking Division (Marco Silvani).


The following entities report to the Managing Director Christian Merle: the Italian Banks Division which is under the responsibility of Luigi Capuano and the Foreign Banks Division (Luigi Carnelli). As concerns staff functions, the Bank Support and Development Unit has been placed under the responsibility of  Alberto Crippa.



The detailed redesign of the divisional structure will occur in a second phase. Corrado Passera maintains ad interim the responsibility both over the Macro Network Division and over the Wholesale Division.

The structure of the Wholesale Division was strengthened with the immediate appointment of Gaetano Micciché who will be in charge of the new Merchant Banking area.






Lastly, the Board of Directors appointed Ariberto Fassati in IntesaBci’s Executive Committee in substitution of Gilles Gramat.