Milano, 20 April 2004

Notice is hereby given - as provided for in Art. 27, par. 2, of Presidential Decree 600 of 29th September 1973, Art. 9, par. 4, and Art. 47, par 1, of Presidential Decree 917 of 22nd December 1986 - of the “normal value” of Banca Intesa bonus shares. Banca Intesa’s Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, held on 15th April 2004, resolved upon a free assignment to all shareholders of some Banca Intesa ordinary shares at the ratio of two ordinary shares, having € 0.52 face value and starting to accrue  rights as of 1st January 2004, for every 41 Banca Intesa ordinary shares and/or saving shares held. Said “normal value”, determined on the basis of the arithmetical average of Banca Intesa stock prices struck in the period from 19th March 2004 to 19th April 2004, equals € 2.616.