Milano, 14 April 2005

  • Dividends: 10.5 euro cents to ordinary shares and 11.6 euro cents to saving shares for a total amount of 729 million euro

  • Gilles de Margerie and Ugo Ruffolo confirmed Directors

  • Board of Statutory Auditors appointed for the years  2005-2006-2007


Banca Intesa’s Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting, held today under the chairmanship of Giovanni Bazoli, approved the Parent Company’s financial statements for 2004, which closed with a net income of 1,141 million euro.

The Group’s consolidated financial statements as at 31st December 2004 were also presented at the Shareholders’ Meeting and registered a consolidated net income of 1,884 million euro (up over 55% from 1,214 million in 2003).

The Shareholders’ Meeting approved the distribution of a dividend per share of 10.5 euro cents to ordinary shares and of 11.6 euro cents to saving shares for a total amount of 729 million euro (with respect to 330 million for 2003).

Payment of dividends will take place starting from 21st April 2005 with coupon presentation on 18th April 2005.

The Shareholders’ Meeting confirmed as Directors Gilles de Margerie and Ugo Ruffolo, already co-opted by the Board of Directors on 17th January 2005 and on 8th  February 2005 respectively, in place of Michel Le Masson and Sandro Salvati who had resigned.

Moreover, the Shareholders’ Meeting appointed the Board of Statutory Auditors and its Chairman for the years 2005-2006-2007. The newly-appointed Board is made up of Gianluca Ponzellini (chairman), Rosalba Casiraghi (nominated from the minority list), Paolo Andrea Colombo, Franco Dalla Sega, Livio Torio (auditors), Paolo Giolla, Francesca Monti (alternate auditors).

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