Milano, 15 March 2006

With reference to today’s press news regarding the integration project with Capitalia, as regards CONSOB’s request Banca Intesa clarifies the following:


  • the contents of its press releases issued on 21st February and 10th March 2006 are fully confirmed:

“As regards recent press news containing speculation over bank mergers, Banca Intesa states that no negotiations on this issue are under way.” (21st February)

“As regards persisting and totally groundless rumours on an imminent extraordinary operation of Banca Intesa involving Capitalia, Banca Intesa’s Chairman Giovanni Bazoli and Managing Director and CEO Corrado Passera confirm what they have stated and repeated on all occasions:

1) Banca Intesa has no negotiations under way with any Banking Group.

2) Banca Intesa has no unilateral project under way regarding any Banking Group.

3) No extraordinary operation has been examined by the Management Committee of the Voting syndicate of Banca Intesa which has once more confirmed its unity of purpose.

4) Banca Intesa intends to examine any possible opportunity of merger and development only from a business viewpoint and on a friendly basis.”(10th March);


  • as regards the presumed statements of the Bank’s top management during the roadshow with institutional investors, which took place on 13th and 14th March 2006 to present the 2005 results, the Managing Director and CEO answering the numerous questions confirmed what repeatedly stated on all occasions since 6th March 2006: Banca Intesa is interested only in a friendly merger and the possible integration between the two banks could bring to the creation of a leading bank of European standing due to the considerable business value of the deal;


  • in reply to the numerous questions on possible synergies and to various estimates figured out by investors, the Managing Director and CEO always confirmed his previous public statements: it is too early to make forecasts though potential synergies would certainly be worth hundreds of millions of euro. Moreover, he underlined that since no negotiations between the two banks are under way the market could base its valuations so far only on the benchmark provided by similar deals and analysts’ consensus.


Also in the light of today’s press news Banca Intesa expresses its deep concern with massive disinformation under way which is damaging the Bank.


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