Milano, 9th June 2006  


Yesterday, Banca Intesa completed the purchase plan of own shares for the subsequent assignment, for free, to its employees. The plan had been authorised by the Shareholders’ Meeting of 20th April 2006 and disclosed to the market in a press release issued the same day. The Italian subsidiaries mentioned in the quoted press release also carried out their purchase plans of Banca Intesa ordinary shares to be subsequently assigned for free to their employees, as approved at their respective Shareholders’ Meetings and similar in terms of subject and method to the plan decided upon at the Parent Company’s Meeting. The details of the purchases are provided hereafter pursuant to Art. 144 bis of Consob Resolution 11971/1999 (Regulation on Issuers). Information is hereby provided by Banca Intesa also on behalf of its above-mentioned subsidiaries.


Starting from 5th June 2006, the date the plan was put into action, Banca Intesa and its above-mentioned subsidiaries totally purchased through Caboto, responsible for the plan’s execution, 14,438,980 Banca Intesa ordinary shares (equal to approximately 0.24% of ordinary share capital) for a total countervalue of 65,311,403 euro. The Parent Company purchased 12,634,100 shares for a countervalue of 57,081,692 euro.


The purchases were carried out in compliance with provisions set forth by Articles 2357 and the following ones of the Italian Civil Code and within the limit of maximum number of shares and maximum total consideration as determined in the resolutions of the Shareholders’ Meetings. Pursuant to Art. 132 of Combined Regulations on Financial Intermediation and Articles 87 bis and 144 bis of Consob Regulation on Issuers, the purchases were made on regulated markets according to the operating methods set out in the regulations providing for the organisation and management of such markets. Moreover, the purchases were carried out: i) in daily volumes not higher than 25% of the average daily volume of Banca Intesa ordinary shares traded in the month preceding the disclosure of the plan to the market (the daily average in March 2006 was 30.5 million shares), as set out by Regulation EC 2273/2003 and ii) at a unit price which was no lower than the face value of the share (0.52 euro) and no higher than 5% above the reference price struck by the Banca Intesa share in the stock exchange trading day preceding each purchase, as defined in the resolutions of the Shareholders’ Meetings.


The purchases of shares are detailed in the enclosure and summarised in the table below:


number of shares

average purchase
price (€)

countervalue (€)

5th June 2006




6th June 2006




7th June 2006




8th June 2006









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