• Assignment of a dividend of 38 euro cents per ordinary share and 39.1 euro cents per saving share approved, for total dividends of 4,867 million euro
  • Marco Ciabattoni and Riccardo Varaldo appointed members of the Supervisory Board

Torino, Milano, 30 April 2008 – The ordinary shareholders’ meeting of Intesa Sanpaolo was held today under the chairmanship of Giovanni Bazoli.

The shareholders’ meeting resolved upon the assignment of a dividend of 0.38 euro to each of the 11,849,332,367 ordinary shares, for a total disbursement of 4,502,746,299.46 euro, and a dividend of 0.391 euro to each of the 932,490,561 saving shares, for a total disbursement of 364,603,809.35 euro, for total dividends of 4,867,350,108.81 euro in confirmation of the 2007-2009 Business Plan target which had set out “ordinary” dividends for more than 2.8 billion euro and “extraordinary” dividends for 2 billion euro to be paid in 2008.

The dividend payment will start as of 22 May 2008, with presentation of the coupon on 19 May 2008. The ratio between this dividend per share and the price struck by the Intesa Sanpaolo share yesterday 29 April returned a dividend yield of 8% for ordinary shares and 8.7% for saving shares.

Moreover, pursuant to art. 23.9 of the Articles of Association, the shareholders’ meeting with a simple majority of votes passed a resolution to appoint as Members of the Supervisory Board Marco Ciabattoni, upon proposal put forward by Fondazione Cariparo, and Riccardo Varaldo, upon proposal by Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, in substitution of Pio Bussolotto and Fabrizio Gianni, who had resigned effective respectively as of 8 and 28 April 2008 and to whom the Bank expresses heartfelt thanks for their commitment. Marco Ciabattoni is enrolled with the register of auditors. The Supervisory Board, in its meeting of 20 May 2008, shall evaluate whether both Marco Ciabattoni and Riccardo Varaldo possess the independence requirements set forth by the Corporate Governance Code promoted by the Italian Stock Exchange.


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