Turin - Milan, May 21st  2013 – At its meeting today, the Management Board of Intesa Sanpaolo passed the resolutions reported below.

  • Carlo Messina, General Manager Deputy to the CEO, has been appointed Head of the Retail Banking Division. Carlo Messina takes on this role in addition to maintaining his current responsibility as Supervisor of the Chief Financial Officer Governance Area;
  • the scope of the Retail Banking Division now includes mid corporates, and product factories operating in the leasing business (Leasint and Centro Leasing) and in the factoring business (Mediofactoring and Centro Factoring), which previously belonged to the Corporate and Investment Banking Division;
  • Stefano Del Punta has been appointed Chief Financial Officer;
  • a Chief Governance Officer Governance Area has been set up and is headed by Paolo Grandi;
  • a Wealth Management Governance Area has been set up and is headed by Gianemilio Osculati;
  • the Chief Governance Officer and the Head of Wealth Management report to the CEO.



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