An exhibition featuring Artemisia Gentileschi at the Gallerie d’Italia – Naples

The image accompanying the News on the exhibition at the Gallerie d'Italia in Naples dedicated to the Neapolitan stay of the painter Artemisia Gentileschi, portrays the picture of San Gennaro and the companions thrown into the amphitheater taming the beasts

The Gallerie d’Italia – Naples is presenting an exhibition of the work of the painter Artemisia Gentileschi and, in particular, her years in Naples, between 1630 and 1654, which was a vital chapter in her artistic and personal life.

The exhibition “Artemisia Gentileschi in Naples” brings together around fifty works from Italian and international public and private collections, offering an exceptional opportunity to update scientific studies on the subject: in addition to the painter’s works, are also exhibited those of leading artists who were closely connected to her and who were mostly active in Naples during the same years.

For the first time, masterpieces are being exhibited to the Italian public such as the youthful Saint Catherine of Alexandria, recently acquired by the National Gallery of London, the same Saint from the Nationalmuseum of Stockholm and the Judith and her Maidservant with the head of Holofernes from the Nasjonalmuseet of Oslo.

The painter’s rare major public commissions are also being exhibited: the Annunciation of Capodimonte and two of the three monumental canvases created between 1635 and around 1637 for the choir of Pozzuoli cathedral, the Saint Januarius in the Amphitheatre and Saints Proculus and Nicea, the latter specially restored for the occasion.

The exhibition, curated by Antonio Ernesto Denunzio and Giuseppe Porzio – specialist advisor Gabriele Finaldi – is being staged with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Naples, in special collaboration with the National Gallery of London and in collaboration with the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte, the State Archive of Naples and the University of Naples “L’Orientale”.

The Naples museum, together with those in Milan, Turin and Vicenza, is part of Intesa Sanpaolo’s Gallerie d’Italia museum project.

Open to the public from 3 December 2022 to 20 March 2023.
For information on opening times and entry, visit the Gallerie d’Italia website.