The artistic research of Gabriella Benedini at Gallerie d'Italia - Milan

The image accompanying the News on the exhibition 'Gabriella Benedini. Athanor 'at the Gallerie d’Italia - Milan, portrays the work of the artist Costellazione, multi-material on wood

With the exhibition 'Gabriella Benedini. Athanor’, Gallerie d'Italia - Milan presents a further evolution of Gabriella Benedini's personal artistic research: focal point of the exhibition, curated by Paolo Bolpagni, is Biblioteca, a compact, hermetic, Gris de Payne-coloured body notable for its enigmatic and looming presence.

With this exhibition dedicated to the artist from Cremona, born in 1932 and an influential presence on Milan's cultural scene from the early 1960s, Intesa Sanpaolo confirms its particular attention to contemporary art, its finest expressions and interpreters..

Also on display are Gabriella Benedini's famous Arpe multimaterial sculptures (three of which belong to the Intesa Sanpaolo collection).

Central themes in Gabriella Benedini's work are the journey - both physical and spiritual, the interrogation of the stars, the transmutation of matter and the elements, and the thirst for knowledge.

The Milan museum, together with those of Turin, Naples and Vicenza, is part of Intesa Sanpaolo's Gallerie d'Italia museum project.

Open to the public from 15 September to 6 November 2022.

Gabriella Benedini
Costellazione, 2017-2019
polimaterico su tavola, 70 x 100 cm
Collezione dell'artista (AGB 0954)