In Turin, Luca Locatelli's photography explores a new development paradigm

The image that accompanies the photographic exhibition “LUCA LOCATELLI. THE CIRCLE” at the Gallerie d’Italia – Turin, portrays the work Biosphere underwater farming #3, Italy, 2021 © Luca Locatelli

The Gallerie d'Italia-Turin hosts the exhibition "LUCA LOCATELLI. THE CIRCLE. Solutions for a Possible Future": featuring around 70 works, including photographs and video contributions, it offers a journey through Europe in pursuit of experimentation and sustainable industrial progress, touching on topics such as geothermal energy, textile recycling, reconversion of disused industrial areas and food.

Luca Locatelli, commissioned by Intesa Sanpaolo, spent the past two years travelling in search of emblematic, replicable practices and stories that might open up the debate on ecological transition and the state of the planet: the results of his work are presented in worldwide première at the show.

"Supporting new business processes and models, which are urgently needed to counter climate change, has been at the heart of Intesa Sanpaolo's efforts for years.
We hope that these emblematic stories play not only a cultural, but also a persuasive role: insisting on the perspective of circularity, accustoming us to forms of maximum use of goods and resources that can also be replicated in our everyday lives


Gian Maria Gros-Pietro, Chairman of Intesa Sanpaolo