Gallerie d'Italia - Turin hosts “A Greater Wisdom” by Cristina Mittermeier

The image accompanying the News on the exhibition at the Gallerie d'Italia - Turin "A Greater Wisdom" by Cristina Mittermeier, portrays the work Qaanaaq, Greenland, a photo of some sled dogs

“CRISTINA MITTERMEIER. A GREATER WISDOM" is the title of the exhibition dedicated by Gallerie d'Italia - Turin to the research by the photographer, marine biologist and activist who for years has documented the beauty of our planet and the various cultures and traditions of the populations that live in symbiosis with nature.

The 90 or so shots in the exhibition – the first retrospective in Europe dedicated to the photographer – urge us to use our planet's limited resources wisely, with a reminder that human beings are not isolated creatures but members of an interconnected society: in particular, the health of the oceans has a direct impact on our climate, the air we breathe and the food we eat.

Developing the artist's idea of "enoughness" as a way to understand our place in the global ecosystem, the exhibition thus brings the visitor into close contact with the themes of environmental protection and sustainability, which Gallerie d'Italia - Turin promotes through the stories of renowned photographers.

The exhibition is curated by Lauren Johnston and held in collaboration with National Geographic.

Cristina Mittermeier is co-founder and president of the SeaLegacy association, which was founded by internationally renowned photographers, filmmakers and writers committed to defending the oceans.

The Turin museum – along with those of MilanNaples and Vicenza – is part of Intesa Sanpaolo's Gallerie d’Italia museum project.

Open to the public from 14 March 2024 to 1 September 2024.

For information on timetables and admission, please visit the Gallerie d'Italia website.