Intesa Sanpaolo alongside the little patients of Gaslini, hospital in Genoa

The crèche for children who are long-term patients was inaugurated:
The new crèche for the young long-term patients of the Complex Hematology and Oncology Operating Units of the Gaslini Institute has opened its doors. The opening is part of the Intesa Sanpaolo educational programme for children who are long-term patients, thanks to which the Group offers free crèche services to children from 0 to 36 months in the oncology departments of some leading hospitals. This is the sixth crèche that Intesa Sanpaolo has opended in a paediatric hospital, after Regina Margherita Hospital in Turin in 2017, followed by Santobono Hospital in Naples, San Gerardo Hospital in Monza, the Hospital of Padua and the Policlinico Sant'Orsola Malpighi of Bologna. With this programme, Intesa Sanpaolo intends to respond to the educational and socialisation needs of hospitalised children, taking into account the factors that can significantly influence their development and the real need to support the families of the little long-term patients.

It is Intesa Sanpaolo's sixth crèche within a paediatric hospital

The opening, which aimed to offer children a moment of serenity and play, was attended by Francesca Fassio, Councillor for Social, Health and Family Policies of the Municipality of Genoa, Pietro Pongiglione, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Gaslini Institute, Paolo Petralia, General Manager of Gaslini, Elena Jacobs, Head of Social Development and Relations with the Universities of Intesa Sanpaolo, Luca Caló, Head of Territorial Coordination for Products and Segments, Regional Governance Centre of Piedmont, Valle d'Aosta and Liguria of Intesa Sanpaolo and Ilaria Malinverni, General Management of Età Insieme Cooperativa Sociale Onlus.
The age group up to 36 months is very delicate because the child acquires important skills and abilities on all levels, from the motor to the cognitive and affective-relational sphere. Illness, heavy treatment and long-term care interrupt this process, causing social and psychological isolation in children. In order to allow children to continue on a normal path of growth even within the hospital, the service is supervised by specialised and qualified educators, based on specific projects, and is carried out in compliance with the guidelines received from health personnel. The educational Programme is aimed solely at the age group (0-36 months) not yet covered by a dedicated public project, thus operating in a logic of subsidiarity.
The experience launched has recorded significant results, highlighting how the crèche is able to concretely help children and parents, representing a valid promise of future life and a safeguard of the current one. The educational service is entrusted to Età Insieme - Società Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, a member of the PAN Consortium - Childcare Services, the first Italian non-profit childcare services network set up by Intesa Sanpaolo together with leading social entrepreneurship networks with the aim of guaranteeing quality certified childcare services at the European level.
With this major project Intesa Sanpaolo reiterates its commitment to the people and the territories in which it operates.


October 2019