Coronavirus emergency: Eurizon donates €100,000 to Lombardy hospitals

hospital emergency nurse

Eurizon - Intesa Sanpaolo's asset management arm – supports the Fatebenefratelli Sacco hospital in Milan and the Papa Giovanni XXII hospital in Bergamo, with a donation of € 100,000.

Milan and Bergamo are two of Italy’s hardest hit areas by the Coronavirus.

Since 1996, Eurizon has donated every year a portion of the management fees received by its three ethical funds to humanitarian initiatives and projects.

We decided to act quickly, anticipating the 2020 charitable allocation, to give immediate support for the purchase of essential equipment in two of the areas most exposed to this pandemic. Our country is showing great strength and unity in facing this emergency, but in a globalized context such as this one, coordinated and timely action at the European level is needed more than ever.


Saverio Perissinotto, CEO of Eurizon