Intesa Sanpaolo for Bergamo: construction of the Alpini field hospital

construction of the Alpini field hospital Bergamo

  • Donation of €350,000 to accelerate the construction of a field hospital by the National Association of the Alpini
  • Intesa Sanpaolo also launches a crowdfunding campaign to collect additional donations for the field hospital on www.forfunding.it

Intesa Sanpaolo supports the construction of a field hospital by the National Association of the Alpini on the grounds of the Bergamo Fair with a donation of €350,000 to purchase ventilators, x-ray systems, laboratory analysis equipment, monitors, aspirators, oxygen producers and other essential healthcare supplies.

The Bergamo region is one of the hardest hit areas in the world by the Coronavirus.

This support for the communities of Bergamo is in addition to the €100 million euros already committed by Intesa Sanpaolo to the Department of Civil Protection to strengthen the national healthcare system’s response to the COVID-19 virus emergency.

The donation for the construction of the field hospital in Bergamo may be increased by an additional €100,000, thanks to the launch of a crowdfunding campaign active through April 6.

Those wishing to support the Bergamo field hospital may do so on the forfunding.it website, Intesa Sanpaolo’s fundraising platform.

We remain close to the communities of Bergamo with this concrete commitment, which will provide much-needed tools and supplies to ensure this structure is fully and quickly brought online by the ANA Onlus Foundation. At a time of such need, Intesa Sanpaolo wants to show its direct support for Bergamo and make a contribution that allows us to face and overcome this emergency together.


Carlo Messina, CEO of Intesa Sanpaolo

Our Alpini, as in the past, remain ready to go to the frontline to help those in need. In this particularly critical moment, our field hospital and the emergency care teams play an important part in our effort to support the people of Bergamo, bringing not only the commitment and professionalism of our men and women, but an absolute dedication to a common cause. Strengthened by our history, once again we will be able to defeat the enemy. 


Sebastiano Favero, National President of ANA and ANA ONLUS