Intesa Sanpaolo selects TIM and Google to build new cloud infrastructure

On may 21, Intesa Sanpaolo has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with TIM and Google to initiate discussions aimed at implementing an important project that will provide Intesa Sanpaolo with cloud services from Google, using TIM's Data Centers in Italy that will meet the highest international standards of security and data protection.

The collaboration will culminate in the creation of two Google Cloud Regions, in Turin and Milan, using TIM Data Centers and enabling Intesa Sanpaolo to develop its own digital services.

Innovative technology infrastructure will be built in Turin to provide Google Cloud services. Additionally, it will include a center dedicated to artificial intelligence, training and professional support for startups through initiatives to be defined jointly by Intesa Sanpaolo, TIM and Google Cloud.

In Milan, a second Google Cloud Region is planned to ensure business continuity.

The new infrastructure will be built according to the latest environmental sustainability best practices, in compliance with Intesa Sanpaolo’s sustainability guidelines, including carbon neutrality.

Google Cloud services in the Cloud Regions will be avaialble to Italian companies of all sizes that want to benefit from the technological and economic advantages of cloud computing in a seciure and sustainable way. The initiative is an important step in accelerating Italy’s digitalization, which has become crucial in light of the COVID-19 emergency.

At the end of the negotiations started with the Memorandum of Understanding, the final agreements were signed on 29 December under which the Bank will migrate a significant part of its information system to Google's cloud services, which will meet the highest international security standards and confidentiality of information and will rely on TIM's Italian Data Centers in Milan and Turin.

Thanks to this important agreement, Intesa Sanpaolo accelerates its path to become a truly Digital Company; the agreement will enable us to serve families and businesses more and more rapidly with innovative, easy-to-use services that respond to the Country’s growing digitization needs.

The opening of two Cloud Regions, based on the most advanced Google solutions in TIM's Datacenter, gives Intesa Sanpaolo a significant competitive advantage both because it means cloud services can be adopted more quickly and because it positions us as a leader in Europe, also in the technological field.