Circular economy: UN recognition to Intesa Sanpaolo for the Sustainability Bond

creative-light-painting-by-burning-steel wool-to ideally represent the Circular Economy

A new report from the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (in short 'UNEP FI') recognizes the exemplary role played by Intesa Sanpaolo in promoting the circular economy.

The report mentions in particular the Sustainability Bond, issued by Intesa Sanpaolo to support the loans granted by the Bank as part of the € 5 billion ceiling dedicated to the new production model, offering solutions for extending the life of goods and materials, regeneration of natural capital, the design of the circular production cycle which involves reverse logistics, with the collection, separation and recycling of used materials, and other innovative technologies for circular business models. Since 2015 Intesa Sanpaolo has also been the global financial partner of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, a player committed to spreading the Circular Economy.

Indeed, the new UNEP FI report highlights the role of financial institutions in promoting the growth of the circular economy and the transition to a production model which, by minimizing pollution, waste and carbon emissions, could generate 4.5 trillion. dollars of annual economic output by 2030, while helping to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, protect the health of our ecosystems and enable sustainable recovery to cope with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Banks, insurers and investors - reads the report - can play a fundamental role by providing companies with financial products that contribute to the circular economy.

UNEP FI is a partnership between UNEP and the global financial sector to mobilize private sector funding for sustainable development. The initiative has more than 300 members, including banks, insurers and investors.