Circular Economy: €45 million financing for Zignago Vetro

Circular Economy: €45 million financing for Zignago Vetro. The pricing of the credit facility is linked to the achievement of precise objectives in terms of improving environmental impact

Intesa Sanpaolo is supporting Zignago Vetro with a €45 million financing that will allow the company to develop circular economy projects.

The credit facility, with a term of 5 years, is characterised by a pricing mechanism tied to precise objectives relating to improving the environmental impact generated by the company, which is among the leaders in the production of hollow glass containers.

The financing will allow Zignago Vetro to increase the amount of raw material from recycled sources, while also reducing the specific consumption of water per ton of glass produced, thus strengthening its production and energy efficiency.

The transaction draws on the circular economy programme, which since its launch has funded 194 projects for a total of approximately €3.5 billion.