Global SME Finance Awards 2021: honourable mentions for Intesa Sanpaolo

Bank recognised for "Product Innovation of the year" and "Responsible digital Innovator of the year"

Intesa Sanpaolo receives honourable mentions for "Product Innovation of the year" and "Responsible digital Innovator of the year" as part of the Global SME Finance Awards 2021, which reward financial institutions and fintech companies that support the growth of SMEs in providing products and services dedicated to them.

The Global SME Finance Awards are promoted by the SME Finance Forum, organised by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank Group. The SME Finance Forum manages a global network of over 220 financial institutions and technology companies.

The honourable mentions received by Intesa Sanpaolo concern the following areas:

  • "Product Innovation of the year" for the product Circolante Impresa Smart that is a short-term loan that can be taken out by the company directly online for restocking and rebalancing production cycle coverage. 
  • "Responsible digital Innovator of the year" for the bank's Business Digital Transformation Programme , which also enables business customers to interact effectively with the bank remotely, with advantages in terms of money and time. The program includes the new digital platform of international Confirming, a fully digital supply chain finance platform that also extends to the Group's International Subsidiary Banks Division (ISBD), which includes banks operating in commercial banking in Central and South Eastern Europe. 

Intesa Sanpaolo was one of the first banks on the Italian and European scene to completely digitalise its processes for business customers.