“Motore Italia” programme: five steps for relaunching SMEs

“Motore Italia” programme: five steps for relaunching SMEs. €50 bn of new credit to support Italian SMEs in their sustainable and digital transition

“Motore Italia” is Intesa Sanpaolo's new strategic programme that offers over €50 billion of new credit to small- and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in Italy to support their investments in their sustainable and digital transitions.

"Motore Italia" consists of five lines of action to support Italy's growth:

  1. Liquidity and loan extensions
  2. Technological transition investments
  3. Sustainable transition investments
  4. Structured and extraordinary finance
  5. Non-financial solutions and partnerships


“Motore Italia” provides new solutions for extending the duration of existing loans, in view of the upcoming expiration of existing government measures.

In line with the objectives of Italy’s Recovery Plan, “Motore Italia” prepares SMEs for economic renewal and regained competitiveness through investments in their digital and sustainable transitions.

Download a summary of comments by Gregorio de Felice, Chief Economist of Intesa Sanpaolo, on the economic outlook and the levers for relaunching growth, made during the presentation of "Motore Italia".


1. Liquidity and loan extensions

Intesa Sanpaolo offers new solutions for extending outstanding loans up to 15 years, leveraging the current regulatory framework that allows the use of 80% of the Fondo Centrale di Garanzia guarantees. Moreover, Intesa Sanpaolo is developing tailor-made solutions to further extend the duration of loans – even beyond 15 years – on a per-business basis. Through "Motore Italia", SMEs will gain new instruments to strengthen their financial position, contribute to the gradual reconstitution of cash flow and allow them to seize opportunities for new investments.

2. Technological transition investments

Intesa Sanpaolo supports new investments by SMEs dedicated to technological renewal and the digital transition and offers advice to reap the benefits offered by the Transition 4.0 plan of the 2021 Budget Law.

3. Sustainable transition investments

The sustainable transition of businesses, including measures to finance investments with a focus on ESG and the circular economy, is a further core area. New S-Loans are already being offered, alongside Intesa Sanpaolo’s credit facility dedicated to investments in the circular economy. Since the S-loans were introduced a few months ago, over €800 million have been provided for projects by SMEs. Another important part of the sustainable transition concerns energy efficiency and renovation of Italy’s real estate assets. Starting in August 2020, Intesa Sanpaolo implemented solutions for the purchase of tax credits related to the government’s Superbonus programme. In just a few months, Intesa Sanpaolo has collected applications from businesses for more than 13,000 renovation projects cumulatively worth €1.8 billion.

4 .Structured and extraordinary finance

Strengthening the range of services dedicated to extraordinary financing transactions for SMEs is another area addressed by “Motore Italia”. With the objective of encouraging businesses to grow through M&A transactions, capital strengthening and innovative financial solutions such as bond issues. Basket bonds and Elite Lounges for SMEs have already been launched through Intesa Sanpaolo’s collaboration with Borsa Italiana’s Elite.

5. Non-financial solutions and qualified partnerships

SMEs require tools that favor the transition towards digitization and growth, including through non-financial services. To bridge the digital gap, Intesa Sanpaolo ForValue and its partner companies offer businesses enable SMEs to strengthen their presence on the Internet, establishing their competitiveness in current and potential markets. Moreover, through Intesa Sanpaolo RentForyou, the Group’s new company, SMEs can choose long-term rentals as an alternative solution to the purchase of goods.