Neva Sgr invests in the "green" technology of Skydweller Aero

Neva Sgr invests in the "green" technology of Skydweller Aero. Neva invested in Skydweller Aero, a hitech company specializing in the development of a new generation of clean energy unmanned aircraft

Neva Sgr - the venture capital of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group dedicated to the hi-tech sector - through the Neva First fund has chosen to invest $4 million in Skydweller Aero, a US startup operating in the "Unmanned aircraft system" (UAS) sector, in particular in the development of remotely piloted and solar powered aircraft with significant load capacity.

The Skydweller Aero aircraft, equipped with innovative and "green" technology, can be used in land and sea surveillance, environmental and infrastructure monitoring, geo-information services, telecommunications and precision navigation.

The portfolio of the Neva First Fund currently has 14 investments in addition to investments in international funds instrumental to the partnerships relating to the deal flow for a total commitment of over €50 million.


Photo credits: Skydweller Aero Inc.