Fund-raising to restore the Madonnina spire of Milan Cathedral

Fund-raising to restore the Madonnina spire of Milan Cathedral. The Main Spire of Milan Cathedral has been holding the Madonnina since 1774; this restoration is the most challenging of the last 15 years

Intesa Sanpaolo is promoting a fund-raising to support the restoration of the base of the Main Spire of Milan Cathedral, which has been holding the Madonnina since 1774.

The restoration of the Main Spire of Milan Cathedral is the most challenging work carried out in the last 15 years.

In spite of the pandemic, work on the Cathedral has never stopped and work on the base of the Main Spire has reached its final and most crucial stage: that is, the restoration of the structure inside the lantern tower that provides it with stable support.


From 1490 to date, the project of the Main Spire has involved high-level engineers and professionals, including Leonardo da Vinci, Francesco di Giorgio Martini, Amadeo, Dolcebuono, Francesco Croce, Pietro Pestagalli and Carlo Ferrari da Passano.

Today, a team of skilled stonemasons, bricklayers and scaffolders is busy consolidating the eight large corner pillars; repairing the marble still bearing the wounds of the 1943 bombings; and repairing the iron bindings, skilfully arranged over five centuries ago.

On the Main Spire stands the Madonnina, which represents the real heart and soul of the city of Milan. Made by sculptor Giuseppe Perego in 1774, the Madonnina is the religious symbol par excellence, but also an important civic sign since the Five Days of 1848, during which Luigi Torelli and Scipione Bagaggi raised the Italian flag on the statue of the Virgin to signal the evacuation of the city by the Austrian troops. That sight heartened the entire city and awakened pride in the barricade fighters, leading them to victory.

Still today, on the occasion of solemn religious and civil events, the Italian flag flies high on the halberd placed to the right of the Lady of the Assumption.


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