Agreement with Abiomed to support Sicilian agrifood sector

The image of the news on the agreement with Abiomed to support the Sicilian fruit and vegetable supply chain represents a close-up of branches loaded with oranges from which you can see a woman harvesting oranges

To support small and medium-sized enterprises in Sicily, Intesa Sanpaolo has signed a partnership agreement with Abiomed to facilitate access to credit for agricultural entrepreneurs who intend to invest in energy-efficiency projects, the ecological transition, reduction of water consumption, enhancement of organic farming and modernisation of companies.

The agreement with Abiomed – part of Intesa Sanpaolo's Supply Chain Programme – will ensure easy access to credit and financial solutions that can facilitate investments in the green transition and energy autonomy for the over 390 companies that are part of the distribution process of the Naturosa brand.

In the agrifood sector, Intesa Sanpaolo has already launched 160 contracts at national level, including eleven in Sicily, involving over 6,000 suppliers with a total turnover of more than €21 billion and over 22,000 employees in the supply chain.