Support of €10 mln for sustainability investments by Alkeemia

The image accompanying the news on the support of € 10 million for Alkeemia's investments in sustainability, portrays the company's plant in Porto Marghera, at night

Intesa Sanpaolo is providing financing of €10 million in support of sustainability investments by Alkeemia that will enable a reduction of the environmental impact of production in Porto Marghera thanks to the purchase of state-of-the-art, more efficient and less energy-intensive machinery.

The financing for Alkeemia – a historic leader in fluorine chemistry – is from the circular economy program created by Intesa Sanpaolo and benefits from a SACE Green Guarantee. Alkeemia will invest a total of €21 million to transform the Porto Marghera plant in order to reduce its environmental impact.

The project enables an important step towards the complete revamping of the industrial site, located in a strategic area for the chemical industry and characterised by a strong concentration of management and technical skills: the investment will allow the construction of a new section of the plant for the generation of hydrofluoric acid, which will make the Porto Marghera site the most advanced and modern in Europe.

The project also strengthens the sustainable economy model adopted by Alkeemia, which has already been selected by the Italian Ministry for Economic Development for the innovative production of lithium batteries.