From Intesa Sanpaolo and SACE, €11-million ESG S-Loan for Andriani SpA

The image accompanying the News on the €11 million ESG S-Loan loan to Andriani SpA portrays two women checking the pieces of pasta produced by a machine next to them. One of the two holds one in her hands and the other a tablet. They wear white coats and hair caps

Intesa Sanpaolo and Sace are supporting with €11 million Andriani SpA, a Puglia-based company leader in the food innovation sector, which produces gluten-free and low-protein foods.

The resources were provided through S-Loan ESG financing, specifically aimed at helping companies in achieving sustainability-related goals: SACE and Intesa Sanpaolo will thus be supporting Andriani in growth along these lines.

The financing is backed by SACE’s SupportItalia Guarantee, the extraordinary Aid Decree instrument in support of financing granted to counter the effects of high energy prices and the Russia-Ukraine crisis on Italian companies.