The post-global world in Centro Einaudi research

The image accompanying the News on the new report of the Centro Einaudi entitled "The Global Post World", portrays the aerial view of a large green area where photovoltaic panels and buildings are visible

The new report by the Luigi Einaudi Research and Documentation Centre entitled "The Post-Global World", produced in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo, highlights four major themes:

  • the fragility of the global economic system in the face of the problems of global value chains that have emerged with the pandemic and the widening gaps between different population classes
  • the serious environmental crisis related to the use of energy resources
  • an acceleration of the trend to work remotely with significant repercussions on the real estate market (office and residential)
  • the geopolitical order of the planet with possible repercussions on globalisation and the structure of global value chains.

The recent crisis has highlighted some of Europe's specific weaknesses: energy vulnerability and difficulties in achieving its "green goals", the need to improve health coordination, offer support to young people, achieve common defence objectives and revise treaties.

Italy has areas of excellence, but remains burdened by the presence of too many micro-enterprises: 92% of private-sector employees work in companies with a turnover of less than €50 million. 

To cope with contemporary challenges, the study makes numerous proposals:

  • a tax reform that makes working and investing attractive
  • an overhaul of the tax rules for mergers
  • the introduction of a family quotient in direct taxation
  • the experimental introduction of a four-day working week, supplemented by distance learning activities.

Download the Executive Summary of the research (Italian language available only), which continues the 25-year experience of the Report on the Global Economy and Italy.