Support for the sustainable growth projects of Pakelo Motor Oil

The image accompanying the News on the € 8 million loan with SACE Green Guarantee to Pakelo for the construction of a new industrial building designed to reduce polluting emissions, portrays a young man in a blue overalls while selecting containers of liquid from a warehouse

Intesa Sanpaolo has disbursed a loan of €8 million, backed by an 80% SACE Green Guarantee, to Pakelo Motor Oil for the construction of a new industrial building that will house the entire production division, designed to reduce pollutant emissions and which will feature a photovoltaic system on its roof.

The loan to Pakelo Motor Oil, a Veneto-based company active in the lubrication market, is part of the €8 billion in circular economy credit facility set aside by Intesa Sanpaolo to support companies launching circular economy and environmental impact reduction projects.