A €10mln ESG S-Loan to Comisa for a new production site

The image accompanying the News on the € 10 million S-Loan ESG financing to Comisa for the construction of a new production plant built according to sustainability criteria, portrays a smiling young man, in overalls, working with a helmet, gloves and a flashlight , while inspecting a facility featuring pipes, cuffs and gauges

Intesa Sanpaolo supports Comisa with a €10 million ESG S-Loan for the development of a new production plant according to sustainability criteria, which involves:

  • the installation of a photovoltaic solar park built into the new production building, for a peak installed power of 500 kWp in addition to the existing 700 kWp
  • the adoption of technical solutions to avoid the use of methane gas in production departments
  • the summer and winter climate control of the environments through a low temperature radiating plant and heat pumps.

Comisa, a Brescia-based company operating in all segments of the thermohydraulic industry, also seeks to improve its ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) performance by supporting the community and adopting a procurement policy that takes into account environmental aspects for purchases, transport and energy supplies.

The transaction is backed by the SACE Green Guarantee. S-Loans are loans created to support businesses in the ESG/Climate transition, which envisage a mechanism rewarding the achievement of specific sustainability objectives.