With Italmercati for the competitiveness of wholesale markets

The image that accompanies the News on the agreement with Italmercati to encourage investments and also international development of operators in the agri-food and fish markets, portrays a moment of the harvest. In the foreground a heap of bunches of harvested black grapes, in the background rows of vines with people engaged in the harvest.

Intesa Sanpaolo and Italmercati – the Italian network of wholesale markets – have signed an agreement for food and fish market operators, the main goals of which are:

  • to provide development opportunities, including at international level
  • to improve competitiveness
  • to encourage investment
  • to formulate innovative, sustainable projects.

Italmercati is a network of companies with around 20 wholesale markets in major Italian cities, made up of 2,500 companies and 260,000 workers.

The network of wholesale food markets participating in Italmercati extends to national supply and subcontracting chains totalling €107 million and contributes around €85 million to GDP.

Through this agreement, Intesa Sanpaolo continues to confirm its desire to play a key role for companies in the Italian food sector, to which a centre of excellence is dedicated, supporting them in the green, digital and foreign market transition, as well as in seizing the opportunities offered by the NRRP.