Eastern Adriatic Sea: €1 bln for relaunching the maritime economy

The image accompanying the News on the agreement with the Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea for the development of port activity and the economy connected to it, portrays an aerial view of the industrial area and the port of Trieste

Intesa Sanpaolo and the Eastern Adriatic Sea Port System Authority have signed an agreement for the development of port activity and the related economy that calls for €1 billion of new credit for SMEs in the area and has as its main objectives:

  • boosting sustainable 4.0 investments by small and medium-sized enterprises
  • supporting growth through extraordinary finance and digitalisation
  • promoting productive attractiveness and reshoring
  • supporting foreign investments to generate new opportunities for economic and social development of the territory.

The agreement will also have important positive impacts on inland areas near Trieste, whose port in 2021 continued to lead Italy in terms of goods handled at over 55 million tonnes, as well as being Italy's leading rail port, with 9,304 trains, while the region's industries generated €9.2 billion in maritime imports and exports (data source: SRM – Studi e Ricerche per il Mezzogiorno).